General Medication Information

Discharged from hospital

If you have recently been discharged from hospital and have had your medication changed, or have been started on a new medication you should have been supplied with enough to last you a few weeks when you first get home.

This should give the hospital enough time to send the information about the changes to your Doctor. At least one week before you run out please speak to the dispensary who will ensure we have received the information from the hospital and confirm any changes with our pharmacist or Doctors.

If you use a ‘monitored dose system’ please advise the dispensary of any changes immediately.

Consultant prescriptions

If you have seen a consultant or specialist and they have started you on or changed your medication, a letter will be written to your Doctor. The dispensers are not able to dispense any medication unless the Doctor has seen the clinical letter and added/changed the medication.

If the consultant wanted you to start your new medication straight away you would have been given a hospital or handwritten prescription. Unfortunately we are unable to accept these at the surgery but you can take it to the hospital pharmacy or a high street pharmacy.


We offer a free medication delivery service on a Wednesday for patients who are housebound. If you, a family member or a neighbour is eligible please speak to the dispensary staff who will be happy to help you further. It is important that you are at home on Wednesdays as medication can’t be left unattended or with anyone else.

Fees and charges

Please could we have a link to the Government website that will point patients in the direction of information regarding fees and charges.