Clinics and Services

We offer a range of services including the below. For more information, please visit our Health Review and Assessment Clinic Room.

Chronic Illness Management

We will contact you in the month of your birthday for a review of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, chronic kidney disease and mental health problems.

If you have been advised by the surgery to submit your blood pressure readings on a regular basis please use our online form.

NHS Health Checks

This is a checkup with our healthcare assistant to work out your risk of a heart attack or stroke. All patients aged 40 to 74 years are eligible.

You can make an appointment for this and do not have to wait until you receive an invitation.

Women’s Services

All the GPs are able to give contraceptive advice.

Dr Sarah Humphries and Dr Emily Boait are able to fit intrauterine contraceptive devices, please make an appointment for contraceptive advice and support.

If you have been advised by the surgery to submit a contraceptive pill review please use our online form.

Antenatal Services

The practice holds a weekly antenatal clinic, each Tuesday afternoon, ran by a midwife. The Midwife will be pleased to advise on all matters relating to pregnancy.

The midwifery team are based at Newent Health Centre and can be contacted on 0300 421 6737 where messages can be left.

If you wish to book an antenatal appointment at the practice please visit our Consulting Room. 

Mental Health

All of our GPs are able to advise patients with mental health problems. The GPs will  refer patients to our primary mental health nurse if they feel necessary.

If you have been advised by the surgery to submit a Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) please complete our online form.